Curriculum Subscription

Curriculum Subscription

Access the latest curriculum content and tools with our curriculum subscription option. Choose two books from our full collection of materials to be delivered to your doorstep every month to support your child’s learning needs. Reach out to our Helpdesk for any Science-related questions your child may have, whether it’s for their school work, or for any other homework materials.

Need additional tutoring services for a taxing period? With this subscription, you can add on ad-hoc classes with one of our Island Tutors at the same rate as a regular student.

With this subscription, you’ll receive:

  • Two books of your choice from our full syllabus
  • Access to our digital activities via the books
  • On-demand remote assistance and guidance via WhatsApp
  • Ad-hoc home tutor classes at the same rate as regular students
Top-notch Curriculum
Our content is designed by curriculum experts to best engage your child
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Exclusive Curriculum
Our curricular materials are available only to students of our Home Tuition or Curriculum Subscription services
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Bring Learning to Life
Our digital interactive content, accessible through QR codes, makes science concepts easy to understand, engaging and fun!

What you get

How it works

Select two books for the month

Upon subscription, choose two books from a list sent to your email. This can be based on the topic your child is learning in school or a topic your child needs extra practice for.

For each topic in the Primary Science syllabus, our range of books include:

  • Manual (Notes and OEQs)
  • MCQ Practice
  • Topical tests (MCQs and OEQs)

Get all the assistance you need

Receive the books in your mail and let the learning begin!

Throughout the month, send any science-related questions (e.g. school homework or questions in past year test papers) via WhatsApp and get explanations from our curriculum experts or teachers.

Select another two books for the next month

Renew your subscription and select the next two books for the next month. Continue to receive on-demand assistance for any science-related questions.


Best for: Independent learners, students who have guidance at home, parents who need help to explain or check answers to certain questions

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