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Adaptations to attract mates

Mating dance

Birds of paradise have the most diverse and unique ways of attracting mates! From fancy plumage, to elaborate displays of dances, these male birds go all out to catch the attention of a mate.

Building nests and structures

Males which do not have attractive physical features to attract mates often do so by showing off their building skills instead. Females are attracted to males that display the most elaborate and meticulously constructed pieces of art.

Adaptations to increases the chances of survival of young

Cone-shaped eggs

Birds such as guillemots lay eggs on the cliff of mountains. The shape of their eggs causes them to roll in a tight circle, preventing them from rolling off the edges of the cliffs easily.

Laying eggs in strategic spots

Animals such as the dung beetle and cuckoo bird do not take care of their young. As such, to increase the chances of their young’s survival, they lay their eggs in places where predators are unlikely to find them and their young can obtain food easily after hatching.