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Classifying Animals


Koalas are a type of mammal known as marsupials. Mother koalas give birth to underdeveloped young which continue to develop in the mother’s pouch. However, just like all other mammals, koalas are covered in hair and mothers feed their young.


Birds of paradise have some of the most extreme mating rituals in the animal kingdom. They use their fancy feathers to put on a impressive display to attract mates!


The anglerfish lives in deep waters where virtually no light is present. Instead, it produces its own light to attract other sea creatures like smaller fish or squid to get close to it.


The horned lizard is a reptile with one of the weirdest defense mechanisms! Not only does its horned scales act as a deterrence for potential predators, it is also able to squirt blood from its eyes to scare predators away.


Both the newt and the bullfrog are amphibians! Not only does the newt rely on its moist skin to breathe, it also contains toxins which protects it from predators.


Honeypot ants store nectar in their very own abdomens – the last segment of their bodies. These provide the colony of ants with a healthy storage of food for times when food may be scarce.