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Classifying Bacteria

Bacteria are everywhere

Many of us take our phones with us wherever we go, including the bathroom. Observe just how many types of bacteria can be found on our devices!

Bacteria in our gut

Although disease-causing bacteria are the first to come to mind when we think of these organisms, most bacteria are actually harmless or even essential to our survival!

Bacteria on our skin

Bacteria is not only found on in our gut to help us to digest food, our skin is another place that is teeming with bacteria – both good and bad!

Bacteria can be used to make food

Just like yeast, a fungi, bacteria can be used to make food! Bacteria is used to make food such as cheese and yoghurt.

Probiotics – healthy gut gacteria

Probiotic drinks are commonly found in supermarkets and convenience stores. But did you know that probiotics are actually live bacteria and yeast that help us to digest food?

Bacteria can cause food poisoning

Although many types of bacteria are beneficial to humans, some are harmful and can cause infections and diseases. Food poisoning is commonly caused by harmful bacteria found on raw or under-cooked food.