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Living Together


Cold-blooded animals, such as iguanas, do not have a fixed body temperature. Instead, their body temperatures are determined by the temperatures of their surroundings! To cope with living in cold waters, marine iguanas bask in the Sun to warm up their bodies.

Bactrian camels

Bactrian camels live in the Gobi desert where temperatures reach -40 degrees Celsius in the winter. This causes water to only exist in the solid state, as ice!

Polar bears

While most animals cannot live in the harsh cold environment of the Arctic, the polar bear is built to cope with the cold! Observe its various adaptations which help them to thrive in their environment.

Fennec foxes

Fennec foxes live in hot deserts. Their distinctive large ears provide a large surface area for blood vessels to carry their warm blood close to the surface of their skin to lose heat faster.