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Exploring Materials

Making transparent wood

Wood is an amazing building material, but it rots, gets eaten, and blocks light. Engineers at the University of Maryland’s Energy Research Center have developed a process to turn wood transparent — while making it stronger and more durable.

Making plastic from banana peels

After two years of research, experiments, and failed trials, 16-year-old Elif Bilgin developed a new process for turning banana peels into a non-decaying bioplastic, a more eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics.


Ever been bothered by an ultra-slow download? How about a phone that won’t stay charged or a cracked touchscreen? Graphene, a Nobel winning supermaterial, has the potential to solve these problems

How car tyres are made

Tyres of vehicles used to be made of metal or wood. However, the discovery of rubber revolutionized transportation as inflated tyres could better absorb impact from bumps on the road and treads along the rubber tyres gave cars better grip and control.