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Classifying Plants

Flowering plants produce flowers which grow into fruits

Flowers are the reproductive parts of a plant! They develop into fruits after pollination and fertilisation.

Fruits contain seeds which grow into new plants

Fruits contain seeds which can grow into new plants under the right conditions. The process of a seed developing into a seedling is known as germination!

Non-flowering plants reproduce by spores

Non-flowering plants such as ferns reproduce by spores – microscopic substances capable of growing into new ferns! The spores of ferns are found in spore bags on the underside of their leaves.

Exceptional plants: Conifers!

The conifer is a non-flowering plant as it does not bear flowers. However, it reproduces by seeds which grow in structures known as cones. Unlike fruits, cones do not grow from flowers – this is why conifers are considered non-flowering plants!