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Living Things Move by Themselves

Venus flytrap

The Venus flytrap exhibits one of the most obvious movements in plants! Its modified leaves snap shut to trap and digest insects for extra nutrients since the plant grows in nutrient-poor soil.

Exploding Balsam

The fruits of the exploding balsam plant move by splitting with an explosive force that scatters its seeds away from itself.

Young sunflowers move to “track” the Sun

Young sunflowers move throughout day, facing East in the morning (where the Sun rises from) and West in the evening (where the Sun sets). At night, they move to face East again in anticipation of sunrise.

Living Things Grow

Dog growth

Animals such as dogs increase in size, height and mass as they grow from young to an adult!

Butterfly growth

Butterflies undergo more drastic changes as they grow. In order for a butterfly to grow from an egg to an adult, it must progress through different stages such as the larval stage (when it is known as a caterpillar), the pupal stage (when it is known as a chrysalis) before finally becoming an adult butterfly!

Sunflower growth

As plants grow, not only do they get taller, they also grow new plant parts such as new leaves. When a plant starts to grow flowers, it has become an adult plant!