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Exclusive Curriculum

Our curricular materials are available only to students of our Home Tuition or Curriculum Subscription services

Curriculum Subscription

At Your Convenience

Our tutors bring the best lesson experience straight to you at home

About Island Tutors

Top-notch Curriculum

Our tutors deliver our in-house designed curriculum using printed booklets, digital activities and hands-on experiments to best engage your child

Island Tutors fills the gap between professional tuition centres and private tutors, bringing premium enrichment services and classes straight to students at home.

If you feel like your child’s lesson experience is compromised due to large class sizes in tuition centres but have difficulties finding a reliable home tutor with comprehensive curriculum, Island Tutors is the solution for you.

Island Tutors provides the accountability, resources and experience of a premium tuition centre with the convenience and individual attention of a private tutor.

Our tutors go to your home to tutor your child individually, or in small groups, using curriculum developed by a dedicated team of curriculum experts. Our tutors are equipped with digital and hands-on activities, giving your child the best of both after-school learning experiences.


Mrs Lim
Mrs LimCurriculum Subscription - Parent
The questions in the booklets are exactly the ones my child found difficult in the school test! Your questions came out in their test papers!
LeonHome Tuition - Student
It's very fun. I like my teacher and I like it when he brings experiments for us to do during the lesson.
Mrs Ng
Mrs NgHome Tuition - Parent
I really appreciate the convenience of Island Tutors. When the usual teacher couldn't make it during the exam period, they arranged a relief teacher. Tuition agencies I used to find tutors in the past could not do that for me. It's really like having a tuition centre at home!
NadiaCurriculum Subscription - Student
I love the notes! They help me understand the topics and pass my tests. I like to do the online activities with my mum as a break from studying too!

The Best At-Home Science Tuition Service in Singapore

What you get

  • Curricular materials developed by Island Tutors
  • No other curricular materials required
  • Hands-on experiments brought to your home
  • Digital interactive content (accessible through QR codes)
  • Individual attention from a personal tutor
  • Save time travelling to and from classes
  • Access to on-demand Helpdesk to get explanations for your questions from any source (e.g.homework, test papers)

The Syllabus

Our Promises

Experienced Tutors

Our tutors are hired in a rigorous interview process and trained to meet our standards. They are equipped with our teaching methods and comprehensive content.

MOE-Standard Curriculum

We guarantee that our curriculum is constantly updated to the latest syllabus, and designed to engage students and help them excel.

At Your Convenience

Receive the best support from the comforts of your home. We have options to match your preferred schedule, class size, and location.

Hands-On Activities

Our experiments and activities are designed to bring the learning to life for our students.

Digital Engagement

We create our own in-house digital activities for students to employ different ways of learning.

All Materials Included

All students who subscribe or enrol with us receive our booklets at no extra charge.


Whether you want online lessons, in-person classes, or a hybrid with curriculum materials, we’ll match your needs.

Back-office Support

Never worry about missing a lesson. Our administrative team will schedule make-up lessons for you.

On-demand Assistance

All our enrolled students can contact our curriculum team for quick answers and explanations to any subject-related questions.

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Get $60 Trial